Important information on how to use our products

When you purchase an account.

1) log in from the link or
2) and then check the account, if you find any problem or anything that does not match the description, contact support
3) you have to warm up the account for a few minutes for 24 hours
4) after 24 hours, change the account password, log out of all devices, change the email password, and change the backup email if it exists. If it does not exist, add an email from you.
 Check if there is another email or phone number associated with the account. Delete it. Leave only the email attached to the account.
 Also, check the ad account settings, and if you find administrators on the account, delete them all

 After logging in, do not change any account information. and don't log out. 

5) Do not use accounts to create BM.

6)Use anti-tracking browsers such as( dolphin anty- ads power - gologin - incogniton...)  Don't use your phone's browser to log in of the account, you may be asked to verify your identity.

We disclaim the warranty!

3- Do not use the "Forgot Password" feature to recover your Facebook account if you cannot log in. Need to contact Admin

4- Please add admin backup to the Business Manager, Pages. (You should do.) 

5- Account to be in the best working state, After successful login please wait 1 - 3 hours.

In the meantime do not change the information and do not any links during this period.

6- Do not publish too many campaigns, ad groups, ads. Limit editing after it's published.

7- Disclaimer of advertising-restricted account warranty after adding a payment card.... See more

8- Please read the Warranty and Return information carefully when problems arise.

9- We do not support issues related to verification or generation of IDs.

 How to buy account on adsygo? 

 How to login Facebook account correctly? 

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